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well im no big expert when it comes to flash, but im hoping to bring out an animation soon, and some new art, and if im able to get in touch with my friend or getting some media editing software get some music out as well


2009-05-01 13:22:06 by me06


banned from submitting audio

2009-04-06 07:14:23 by me06

WHY! why have i been banned? ive tried submitting ONE song by my friend lindsey for him a im the only one able to. i have his permission to put his songs up. so why the heck have i been banned?

nice to have been emails this....[/sarcasm]

Lindsey Simpson

2009-03-25 13:13:34 by me06

Some songs by Lindsey Simpson submitted

hope you enjoy his great comdey songs

as soon as the lazy effing audio mods get of there asses and approve it COME ON!!! ive been waiting for a week now